For those interested in food, faith, and gardening in the Twin Cities, visit the Facebook page created by the Faith-based Edible Gardening Collaborative. The collaborative includes: Minnesota FoodShare (Greater Minneapolis Council of Churches), Urban Farming, World Relief Minnesota – supported by Gardening Matters.


Resources-Books search: Food and faith – provides a list of additional titles

Resources-Curricula for Churches / Faith communities

  • Just Eating? (Presbyterian Church USA curriculum for middle schoolers and adults)
  • Congregational Tool Kit Land Stewardship Project
    This kit contains videos, resource materials and activities for small and large group gatherings with a focus on building healthy communities by linking people with their food, the land and each other. Also included are suggestions for involving individuals and congregations in supporting a local good system while helping those with special needs in their community. $125.00; $10.00 for a six week rental.

Resources-Gardening matterials
Yards To Gardens lets you share or find all things gardening. Whether you have extra space in your yard, extra tools in the garage, extra seeds or seedings, or just looking for a space to garden, Y2G makes it easy to share what you’ve got or find what you’re looking for.


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